Organic Farming

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Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control. Organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides that are natural in origin, such as bone meal from animals or pyrethrin from flowers, but it excludes or strictly limits the use of synthetic methods such as petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides or plant growth regulators such as hormones for reasons including environment sustainability and consumer health. 

Since 1990 the market for organic food and other products has grown rapidly worldwide. This demand has driven a similar increase in organically managed farmland which has grown over the years. 

We are keen in promoting and developing an awareness of organic farming and provide detailed and expert consultancy for individuals, institutions and organizations looking to set up organic farms and nurseries for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Contract Farming

Contract farming involves agricultural production carried out on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and farm producers. 

Contract farming has been practised for decades but its popularity appears to have been increasing in recent years. The use of contracts has become attractive to many farmers because the arrangement can offer both an assured market and access to production support. Contract farming is also of interest to buyers, who seek supplies of products for sale further along the value chain or for processing. Contracts with farmers can also reduce risk from disease or weather and facilitate certification, which is being increasingly demanded by advanced markets. 

At Springfield, we possess the necessary resources and expertise to undertake contracts for organic farming for a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We can assure you of the best organic agricultural practices, guaranteed supplies and yields high on quality and quantity within a relatively low-risk, high-return and hassle-free business proposition.

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